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LCPL COVID-19 Response

Addendum to Patron Behavior Policy - Face Covering Policy

The following policy is intended to amend the Library’s current Patron Behavior Policy. It shall be enforced while applicable Public Health Orders regarding COVID-19 are in effect:

1. All persons entering the Library must wear a face covering and maintain social distancing (a minimum six-foot distance from all other persons).

2. Children under the age of 3 are exempt from wearing a face covering, but must be closely monitored at all times by their parent or guardian.

3. A disposable face mask will be provided free of charge to individuals entering the Library who do not have a face mask on.

4. Reasonable accommodations such as Curbside Services, home delivery and online resources are available to those who are medically prevented from or decline to wear a face covering. Other accommodations may be available that are not noted here; please either call or email the library’s director if you need an accommodation that is not listed.

5. Those refusing to wear a face covering and/or to maintain six-foot distance will be required to leave the Library unless an accommodation has been granted. If a person refuses to leave the Library for not following this policy, law enforcement may be contacted and could result in a ban from the Library for a specified period of time.

6. Patrons that exhibit adversarial behavior that is argumentative with staff or other patrons, will be subject to the general Patron Behavior Policy, or asked to leave until they agree to comply with this Policy and Public Health Order requirements and guidelines in place to protect other community members and staff.

7. This policy shall not be enforced when the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Lake County Public Health Agency or other authorities determine that it is no longer required.

For questions or additional information on the Library’s Patron Behavior Policy or this Amendment, please contact: Brena Smith,