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Computer and Internet Use Policy

Computer and Internet Use Policy:

Lake County Public Library (LCPL) offers the public free use of computers with Internet access.  LCPL provides free wireless Internet access for users with their own devices.  We expect all patrons to be both law abiding and civil, and to follow by the Library’s Computer and Internet Use Policy.

To use a Public Computer:

  • Patrons may use a computer for 1-hour session; a session may be extended if there are no other patrons waiting.
  • Children age 10 and under may not use a computer without close adult supervision.
  • No reservations may be made.
  • It is not acceptable to violate the legal protection provided by copyright and trademark laws.
  • Users should save their work to a USB drive or upload to their cloud storage account.  All user-created documents are deleted at the end of every session.
  • Patrons who violate the Computer and Internet Policy will lose computer privileges.


  • Printed copies cost
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Internet Use

LCPL provides internet access consistent with its mission to provide educational and informational resources.  With the privilege to access LCPL’s Internet comes the responsibility to use it in a reasonable and ethical way. 

In accordance with State and Federal laws, all Internet access is filtered to screen out obscene and sexually explicit websites.  No filtering system is infallible and LCPL does not assume responsibility for the accuracy of its Internet filters.  Parents have the right and responsibility to monitor their children’s use of library computers and the Internet to ensure their safety.

  • Use computers only for lawful purposes.
  • Refrain from viewing pornographic visual materials or content that by contemporary community standards would be considered obscene.
  • Users shall not represent themselves as another user unless explicitly authorized to do so by that user.
  • It is not acceptable to use library resources to seek to infiltrate the computer or computing system and or damage or alter the software or hardware components of a local or remote computer or computing system.
  • It is not acceptable to seek information on or obtain copies of or modify files, other data, or passwords that belong to other users.
  • Hacking and attempts to bypass the library’s e-resources menus or library proxy servers is not acceptable.
  • Users may not extend or modify the network in any way.  This includes adding access points and installing bridges, switches, hubs, or repeaters.  LCPL reserves the right to remove or disable any unauthorized access points.
  • If you believe a website has been blocked in error, you may submit a Request for Reconsideration of Access to a Website to library staff. The Library Director will review your request.

Wireless Internet Use

LCPL provides open wireless Internet access.  The library does not provide technical support for wireless users

Please be aware that the wireless network is not secure.  Like many public wireless hotspots, information is not encrypted and is subject to electronic eavesdropping by others.  Wireless users are responsible for providing the security of their own equipment and electronic communications.

  • Wireless users must also comply with LCPL’s Computers and Internet Use Policy.
  • Any attempt to break into or gain unauthorized access to any computers or systems from a wireless connection is prohibited.
  • The library does not supply or loan cables or other computer equipment.
  • Any effort to circumvent the security systems designed to prevent unauthorized access to the library’s wireless network may result in suspension of all access.
  • The library cannot guarantee that any given device will connect or guarantee any specific level of bandwidth, or general Internet site availability at any time.
  • The library exercises no control over and will not be held responsible for user-supplied equipment or Internet content that users choose to access or create using their own equipment.

Policy Violations

  • Library staff will instruct patrons to cease behavior that violates this policy, explaining what the violation is, what behavior needs to be corrected, and the consequences of not correcting the behavior.
  • If the patron continues the behavior subsequent to a warning, library staff will hand the interaction over to the most senior staff person available.  The senior staff person will inform the patron that refusal to cease prohibited behaviors or repeated infractions will result in loss of all computer privileges.
  • The Library Director will determine how long any such suspension will last.  If the suspended patron refuses to agree to abide by the policy restrictions, such suspension may be indefinite.
  • The Leadville Police Department will be contacted to handle any interactions where patron behavior is deemed abusive, illegal, or threatening.