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LaunchPad and View Policy

LaunchPad and View Policy

LaunchPad and View Borrowing Policy & Contract

Playaway Launchpads are tablets for children that are preloaded with high quality, ad-free learning apps grouped by age and grade level.

Playaway Views come pre-loaded with multiple educational videos, making award-winning content accessible in a simple, portable and durable format.

Borrower must have a valid library card in order to check out a Playaway Launchpad or a View from Lake County Public library.

Borrower must be 18 years or older.

Borrower may have one Launchpad or View checked out to his/her card at a time, with a limit of one per family.

Lake County Public Library Launchpads and Views are not available for transit to other libraries, for interlibrary loan, or for loan to Colorado Library Card (CLC) borrowers.

Borrower is responsible for the safe-keeping and return of these items to the Circulation Desk in good working order and assume liability for the equipment while it is in their care. Borrower is responsible for damaged and/or missing pieces of the lent items. Borrower must agree to cover the cost of damage and/or replacement costs, as determined by the library and listed on the carrying case.

Lake County Public Library Launchpads and Views may not be returned to other libraries. Lake County Public Library requests that Launchpads/Views be returned inside the library and not to any book drop. 

The Launchpad/View package  is not considered returned until all items associated with it, including (but not limited to) AC adapter, USB cord, tablet, protective bumper, and carrying case, have been returned to the library in good condition. If any items are missing upon return, the library reserves the right to refuse acceptance of the equipment until all items are returned.

The library may clear stored data from the Launchpad/View after it is returned but is not responsible for personal information left on the device.

The library does its best to provide clean, secure, and fully functional equipment, but is not responsible for charging the device or unforeseen hardware or software failure. Library staff will make every effort to document any existing damage; however, if a borrower discovers any pre-existing damage to Launchpads/Views checked out, the borrower should notify library staff as soon as possible (24 hours after checking out the Launchpad/View.) Failure to notify the library of existing damage limits the borrower’s ability to dispute charges for a damaged device or equipment.

The lending period is 7 days.  Borrowing privileges will be suspended until an overdue Launchpad/View with all equipment is returned.

The library reserves the right to deny the use of Launchpads/Views to any borrower who repeatedly loses Launchpads/Views or returns equipment late. Borrowers agree to abide by the library policy and procedures.

A borrowing agreement form must be completed and signed for each borrowed Launchpad/View.  The Borrower will receive a copy of the signed agreement and the original will be held by the library until check-in is complete.

Borrowing Rules

  • Patron must have a current Lake County Public Library card in good standing.
  • Patron must be 18 years or older.
  • Patron can only have one Launchpad Tablet OR View checked out to his/her card at a time, with a limit of one per family.
  • The lending period is 3 weeks.
  • The Launchpad/View and all accessories must be checked out and returned at the Lake County Public Library Circulation Desk and handed directly to a staff person to complete the check in process.
  • The Launchpad/View may not be returned to another library, nor placed in the book drop outside. Patron may lose Launchpad/View borrowing privileges and may be liable for paying cost of item.

Playaway Launchpad and View

Title of Launchpad/View __________________________________

Barcode number of Launchpad/View ________________________

____Cost for Launchpad/View $_____________

____USB charging Cable $7.00
____AC Adapter $10.00
____Launchpad cost for bumper $9.00

I have read the above stated rules and agree to the terms of this borrowing agreement. By checking out this Launchpad/View I agree to be financially responsible for the cost of any damage, loss or theft of the device.

Print Name_____________________________________________

Signature _____________________________________________

Library Card No._________________________________________

Date __________________________________________________

Address _______________________________________________

Phone Number __________________________________________

Email Address ___________________________________________