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Donation Policy

Donation Policy

Materials Donations

Lake County Public Library welcomes donations and appreciates the community’s contributions and support. Materials may be added to our collections based on our collection needs, Collection Development Policy and the Director’s discretion. 

Lake County Public Library accepts materials that are in good condition including:

  • Hardcover and paperback books
  • Media materials (DVDs, Blu-rays, audiobooks, CDs)
  • Spanish language books

We will not accept the following:

  • Items in poor condition
  • Cassette tapes
  • VHS tapes
  • Magazines (Including Life and National Geographic)
  • Study guides, textbooks and workbooks
  • Encyclopedias

Bringing donations to the library

Please bring all donations in boxes, not bags. This makes it easier to transport books to storage. Please do not put them in boxes any bigger than 16”x12”x12”. We will not accept donations that are not boxed.

Donation of 1 - 2 boxes of materials

We have limited storage space in the library and must coordinate with our county Maintenance Department to have boxes moved to long-term storage until our biannual book sale takes place. With this in mind, you may drop off up to 2 boxes of materials without prior arrangement.

Donation of more than 2 boxes

If you have a donation larger than 2 boxes please contact the library director to make arrangements to bring the donation directly to the 6th Street Gym: Brena Smith -

Acknowledgement of donation

All gifts, other than donations of used materials, shall be acknowledged by a personal note to the donor from the Library Director or an appropriate representative of the library. In instances where the gift is in honor or memory of a third party or individual, a letter will be sent to the honoree or to his or her family to let them know about the tribute.

The library will not appraise items for tax purposes. The library is unable to provide book value statements to patrons. For further information about IRS regulations, publication 561, "Valuation of Donated Property," and publication 546, " Income Tax Deduction for Contributions, are available free of charge from local tax bureaus and on the web at The library will provide a receipt to the donor of professionally appraised gifts, both thanking the donor and acknowledging the value of the donation. The library will provide (on request) a receipt to donors of un-appraised gifts which, while acknowledging the donation, will not establish, assign, or concede any value.

Monetary contributions are added to the Library’s Gift Fund administered by Lake County Public Library for purchase of materials, programs or equipment not included in the normal operating budget approved Lake County Board of County Commissioners.

Any donor wishing to donate materials to LCPL’s Colorado Mountain History Collection must sign a Deed of Gift.