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WiFi Hotspot Lending Program

What are hotspots?

Mobile hotspots are small devices, similar in size to a cell phone, that allows you to connect to the internet with any WiFi enabled device. 

Because the devices are mobile, does that mean I can go anywhere?

Mobile hotspots use cell towers to provide internet access. You will not have internet access in areas where there is no cell service. Additionally, these devices cannot be used internationally. We are using Verizon as the provider.

Who can check out a hotspot?

Hotspot devices are available to Lake County Public Library card holders who are at lease 18 years old only. They are not available to CLC or temporary cardholders.

How long and how often can I check out a hotspot?

Check out times are 7 days with no renewals. To ensure that as many patrons as possible have the opportunity to use the hotspots, please limit your hotspot check out to once a month. 

Do I return a hotspot like a book?

No, please return the hotspot at the front desk while we are open so that our staff can check to make sure the device, charger and case are all returned and checked in. Do not return in the book drop.

Are there fines for overdue hotspots?

We do not charge fines at Lake County Public Library. However, if you return the hotspot late 3 times, then you will lose borrowing privileges for 6 months. Additionally, we will deactivate devices that are more than 1 day overdue. 

I cannot get the device to connect to my device, can you help?

We can provide very basic help in assisting you connect with your device. For example, we can ensure that you are completing the necessary steps to connect and check to make sure there is nothing wrong with the device. However, the library staff cannot troubleshoot problems related to the patron’s hardware, software or configurations. Library staff is not permitted to handle patrons’ laptops, tablets, smart phones or other personal devices. Please note that the Library cannot guarantee a particular device will work with the Library’s mobile hotspot.

Can I stream movies or play online games?

We discourage patrons from using the hotspots in this way. High usage such as this can cause the connection to slow down.

Click here to view the complete lending policy and agreement.