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CMHC Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2021- 2023

Goal: Conduct assessment and appraisal of physical materials (FY 2021)

Objective: Perform inventory of all items in each collection and identify at-risk material. 

  • Collections to be inventoried include:

    • Research materials in the Leadville Room, including the map drawer and items in storage

    • Research files in the Baby Doe Room

    • Microfilm

    • Items stored in the basement

Objective: Assess inventory results:

  • For quality and errors

  • For materials that do not fit the scope of the collection

  • To develop a plan for preservation and/or conservation of at-risk materials

Objective: Assess and prioritize uncataloged materials

Goal: Develop Collection Management Policy (FY 2021)

Objective: Create a collection management policy 

  • Post policy on library website

Goal: Develop and assess digital collection (FY 2021-22)

Objective: Migrate Digital Collection to new platform

  • Develop workflow

  • Set benchmark goals

Objective: Develop digital preservation plan

Objective: Develop standard for selection and digitization of materials

  • Digital collection inventory

Goal: Promotion and engagement (FY 2021-22)

Objective: Develop Programming: Provide at least 6 programs a year

Objective: Research support & tools: research guides

  • Creating bilingual "research" materials

  • Spanish language materials

Objective: Develop "Informal" ideas for engagement

Goal: Develop Oral History Program (FY 2021-22)

Objective: Develop interview guidelines 

Objective: Identify and prioritize interviewees