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Public Meeting Rooms

The AMAX Community Room is available for use by non-profit public groups. Keys are provided to open the AMAX Room when the library is closed.

Use of the rooms will be by reservation and a Community Room Use Contract will be signed by the person reserving the room. That person is responsible for the care of all facilities and assuring the room and building are locked afterwards and keys are returned.

The Baby Doe Room seats 10 people and is available to community and non-profit groups larger than 3. It is not available to individuals, for-profit organization or one-on-one meetings. 

No alcoholic beverages are permitted.

Normal cleaning of the rooms will be done by the library. Any extraordinary cleanup or necessary repair caused by a group will be billed to that group or the the individual signing the room use contract.

To book the AMAX Room or Baby Doe Room please fill out this form and review the full policy and contract here. If you have questions, please contact the library at 719.486.0569.

The AMAX Community Room is available for use by non-profit groups and local government.
See calendar for availability. Early booking is recommended.
Due to COVID-19 reservations may be canceled anytime. Additionally, users agree to follow all guidelines and mandates related to COVID-19 set forth by Lake County Government and/or Lake County Public Health Agency.

Baby Doe Room

The Baby Doe Conference Room may be used by small groups (up to 10 people) during library hours.