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Local History

COVID-19 Journaling Project

Contribute to Leadville history!

Lake County Public Library is looking for volunteers to keep a daily journal during the pandemic and submit their writings to our archive. Future historians and researchers will want to know how this epidemic affected daily life in Leadville, and this is a chance to help them out!

You may type or write by hand, transcribe news, draw, compose poems, gather stories, etc. This project is more about self expression and experience, and less about spelling, style and proper grammar.

How does the Journal Project work? 

Each week we will provide a prompt to inspire your writing, photos, or other creations you wish to submit. Previous prompts can be found further down the page. You are also welcome to write about your own topics.
To participate, please fill out our Google Form, and we will be in touch with you on submission details.

Questions? Contact

Why is this project important?

Above are examples of diaries and journals that document what daily life was like during different periods in history. Future historians will have questions about what life was like for peopled during the COVID-19 pandemic. Recorded personal experiences provide a glimpse into society and culture during a time of crisis. Additionally, journaling is therapeutic and can be a way to help cope during this time of social distancing and staying at home.

These titles are also available from our library, if anyone is interested in checking them out.

Previous Prompts

Week of 6/8/2020 - The "New Normal" OR Current Events

What does the "new normal" look like? How is it different from normal pre-COVID-19? Do you agree or disagree with the idea of a "new normal"?

Current Events

Why are people protesting? Have you encountered any protesters? If so, could you describe the experience? Have you seen anyone protesting in Leadville? Are you part of the protest? If so, could you describe some experiences?

Week of 5/25/2020 - Memorial Day Weekend 

How did the pandemic affect Memorial Day and the Memorial Day Weekend? Did you observe the holiday the same or differently than in previous years? Many Memorial Day events were canceled - were there any you planned to attend? What did you do instead? What was the weather like over the weekend? Lake County High School seniors graduated on Saturday, May 23rd. Do you know any graduating LCHS seniors? Do you know what the graduation ceremony was like this year, compared to previous years? Typically Memorial Day is considered the start of summer in Leadville, and tourists start to arrive. Have you noticed any out of town visitors? Do you feel okay having visitors in town at this time or do you feel concerned?

Week of 5/18/2020 - Masks and face coverings

Masks and face coverings have become a hot topic during this time - some people wear them and others don't. How do you feel about masks and face coverings? Do you wear them? If so, do you feel more protected when you wear them? When others wear them? Did you make your own mask or did you purchase a mask or masks? Did you have any difficulty finding materials, or finding masks to purchase? If you don't wear masks or face coverings, what are some of your reasons? Have you had any negative experiences while wearing or not wearing a mask/face covering? How did you overcome the situation? Feel free to include any other feelings, thoughts or experiences you have on this topic.

Week of 5/11/2020 Working during the pandemic

How has the pandemic affected your job? Have you been working the whole time? Are you working at work or working from home? What has been your experience remaining at your place of work, or what has your experience been working from home? What has changed at your place of work since the pandemic (different protocols/procedures, more cleaning, wearing masks/gloves, not handling cash, etc.)? If you have never worked from home before, what are your thoughts on the experience? Were you laid off or furloughed? Are you collecting unemployment? If so, how well did the process work for you? If you were not working prior to the start of the pandemic, what has your experience been? Feel free to share any other information that relates to working during this time.

Week of 4/27/2020 Watching/Listening to the News

Do you watch or listen to the news? If you don't follow the news, why not? Have your watching/listening habits changed during the pandemic? Do you watch/listen more/less often? Do you have a favorite format to receive news (television, podcast, newspaper, etc.)? How do you receive local information about COVID-19? 

4/20/2020 Reflections of Quarantine* and Social Distancing

What are you learning about yourself as a result of the Covid-19 related shifts in your life? What are you learning about other people as a result of our current situation? How have you learned these things? How does being in quarantine make you feel? How does social distancing make you feel? What have you experienced or observed about quarantine and social distancing?

*Quarantine separates and restricts the movement of people who were exposed to a contagious disease to see if they become sick.

Isolation separates sick people with a contagious disease from people who are not sick.

Social distancing means keeping space between yourself and other people outside of your home.

4/6/2020 Grocery Shopping 

What has grocery shopping been like during the pandemic? Have you had positive or negative experiences in the grocery store? Have your shopping habits changed? What is different inside the grocery store? Have you been able to find everything you need, or have you had difficulty? Feel free to share any observations and experiences you have had.