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Colorado Mountain History Collection - CD Plan

Colorado Mountain History Collection

Digitization and Collection Development Plan

The CMHC includes many formats and types of documents related to the history of Lake County and Colorado. LCPL has an ongoing digitization effort to make these items more accessible to researchers.

Within this plan a number of fragile items are identified. There exists ongoing preservation and conservation issues with these items. Short term solutions do include our digitization planning, however, long term solutions would include conservation work and climate controlled storage.

Below includes an overview of the collection, any issues with particular parts of the collection, and the priority level on a scale from 1 (highest priority) to 5 (lowest priority) for either processing or digitization. Any item with an asterisk* next to it indicates that a volunteer could carry out the processing.

Print Materials to digitize

  • Census Indexes (2)
  • Will and Probate (1)
  • Marriage Index (2)
  • Divorce Index (2)
  • Collection Books out of Copyright  (5)
  • Information files (3)
  • Ephemera and general documents (letters, pamphlets, etc)(3)
  • High school annuals (2)
  • Ledger Books in Basement (5)

Photographic materials

  • Civic Center Photographs
    • Digitize newly acquired photos (3)
    • Digitize negatives (currently located in fire proof safe)
  • LCPL Unprocessed photos [approx how many?] (1)
    • *Inventory photos (at at least minimum level)
    • Digitize
  • Digitized material
    • File names: rename

​​Audio and Video

  • Dvds converted from VHS from previous years  (3): Content includes documentaries and news pieces on local history and residents, and oral histories.
  • Cassette  (2): Oral histories
  • Reel to Reel  (2)
  • Oral History 
    • Process completed interviews. (1)
    • Establish criteria for interviewees (1)
    • Establish list of potential interview (1)
    • Create basic interview guide (1)
    • General outreach (Ongoing)

Non-circulating Collection

  • Monographic titles (ongoing): Continue purchasing titles related to Lake County and Colorado History
  • Ephemera and general documents (letters, pamphlets, etc) (ongoing): Continue identify sources (donors or purchasing) to grow collection.


  • Catalog maps that have not been cataloged
  • Link digitized maps to catalog records
  • Maps that have been digitized need to be marked
  • Maps too large to scan: identify method to have these maps scanned. Including cost.    (1)
  • Maps in only digital form; add to digital collection (2)

Cemetery Maps

  • Updating Cemetery Listings  (1)
  • Digitizing Cemetery Maps in Basement (2): Many maps are in fragile condition, will need to assess conservation needs.

Items not owned by LCPL

  • Lake County Maps