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Photography, Videography, and Recording Policy

Photography, Videography, and Recording by LCPL visitors 

Photography, video recording, and audio recording are allowed under the conditions listed below only to the extent that they do not interfere with the operations, programs, and activities of Lake County Public Library (LCPL) or the rights of LCPL patrons. LCPL will limit or stop photography, videography, and recording on library property or inside facilities when such restrictions serve library purposes and support the public’s safety or security. Foremost of these is ensuring the right of LCPL patrons to use the library freely and confidently without scrutiny, intimidation, or distraction by others.  

Any person photographing, filming, and/or recording on LCPL premises:

  • Is expected to be respectful of, and refrain from disturbing other patrons as specified in the Patron Behavior Policy

  • Must obtain all necessary releases and permissions from persons who are photographed, filmed, or recorded. Only a parent or legal guardian may grant such releases and permissions for a minor.

  • Accepts sole responsibility for adherence to copyright law (Title 17, United States Code) regarding reproduction and distribution of copyrighted materials.

  • Is not permitted to take photos, video, or audio of any other person in areas where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as restrooms. 

Photography, Videography, and Recording by LCPL Staff

LCPL staff may photograph, film, and record programs and events for library publicity and promotional purposes. LCPL stagg will make every effort to notify members of the public when photography, videography, and recording is taking place, and signs with crowd-release language will be posted at library events where LCPL photography, videography, and/or recording is happening. Reasonable efforts will be made to respect the wishes of patrons who do not want to be photographed, filmed, or recorded. 

To ensure the privacy of all individuals, the full names of any personally identifiable information of photographed subjects will not be used without the express written approval from the subject, or if a minor, the parent or legal guardian.