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Xbox Use Policy

Xbox Use Policy


To use the Public Xbox

Lake County Public Library offers the public free use of an Xbox Series X console during Game On! open gaming hours. We expect all patrons to be both law abiding and civil, and to follow the Library’s Public Xbox Use Policy. 

Obtain a gaming console by presenting your name or library card at the front desk. Controller checkout requires that you must be a Library patron between age 10-23, and in good-standing (no overdues, no missing materials, etc.)

Return Xbox controllers when finished gaming. Xbox controllers and Xbox console do not leave the Library.

No reservations for controllers can be made.

Any sharing of Xbox controllers is done knowing that the patron who originally checked out the controller is responsible for its return and condition. Share at your own risk!

Patrons who violate the Public Xbox Use Policy will lose Xbox use privileges.

Public Xbox Use Policy

LCPL provides patrons various Xbox games and apps to access on its Public Xbox console. In accordance with State and Federal laws, all Internet access is filtered to screen out obscene and sexually explicit content, and Mature games are not preinstalled.  No filtering system is infallible and LCPL does not assume responsibility for the accuracy of its filtering.  Parents have the right and responsibility to monitor their children’s use of the library Xbox to ensure their safety. Please also refer to our Access to Library Materials by Minors policy.

Public Xbox is primarily for multiplayer gaming purposes. Patrons must share its use.

Xbox games are checked out separately from Xbox controllers. See the YA section in the library.

Patrons are free to bring games of their own to play with the Public Xbox. Any video games brought by patrons can be barred from Public Xbox use at the discretion of Library staff. This includes M-rated games, or games that aren’t appropriate for all audiences.

The library will not be held responsible for patron-supplied games.

Patrons may not make any purchases with the Public Xbox.

Patrons may not download additional content to the Public Xbox without permission of Library staff.

Patrons shall not represent themselves as another user unless explicitly authorized to do so by that user.

It is not acceptable to use library resources to seek to infiltrate the Xbox or Xbox computer system and or damage or alter the software or hardware components of the Xbox console.

Any damage done to the Xbox console, Xbox controllers, video game discs, or the AMAX room and its contents, will be considered a violation of the Patron Behavior policy and Xbox Use policy.

Theft of any Public Library Xbox materials will be considered a police matter.

A Reminder to Parents:

You are the only person who may restrict your child’s access to library materials and services. The library staff are responsible for providing equal access to library materials and services for all users. Organizations that provide ratings, such as the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), are not government organizations and therefore cannot be mandated or enforced; their ratings are considered advisory, not law.

The library staff is available to assist any parent or guardian in locating information (ratings, reviews, ect.) on the appropriateness of a movie or book for their children.