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Resilient Lake County: Books & Resources

About Resilient Lake County

This guide is intended to support Resilient Lake County partners and those interested in the issues that RLC partners have committed to addressing in their organizations.

RLC is a project led by Lake County Build a Generation and is designed to address community safety and affordable housing by working with agency leaders and residents of our manufactured home communities. The goal of the project is to reduce community stress by promoting tenant advocacy while working with agency leaders to create more trauma-informed offices.

The organizational track agencies will be working together to establish a common understanding of what trauma-informed practices are and what they mean specifically for each of the participating agencies. Over the course of three years, organizations are committing to assessing their own internal practices and improving both their physical space and policies to best serve the residents of Lake County.

Participating organizations include: Full Circle, Solvista Health, St Vincent Hospital, Lake County Public Health, Lake County Department of Human Services, Wraparound, Advocates of Lake County, Lake County Build a Generation, Building and Land Use Department, Lake County Sheriff, Leadville Police Department, Get Outdoors Leadville!, Lake County Public Library, Lake County Probation Office, Lake County School District, and Cloud City Conservation Center.

The community track residents will receive training on tenants’ rights, advocacy, and community building. These trainings will be targeted to create sustainable and resident-led coalitions at the manufactured home communities in the county. Over the course of three years, residents will receive training, prioritize community projects, and work to influence county policy and structures to best protect and preserve their communities.