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Tales, Legends, & Lore

The interesting thing about humans are the stories we tell ourselves about the past, whether factual or not.

The Places that were


"There's a real thrill in store when one tops a ridge or rounds that last curve to find an abandoned town spread out below in some remote meadow.  It's a silent and empty place now with streets overgrown by grass and weeds. Tiny fenced yards, once proudly kept, are now with streets over grown by grass and weeds...Once upon a time, hundreds (or thousands) of people like ourselves lived here.  Now there is no one." Ghost Towns of the Colorado Rockies by Robert L. Brown


Ghost towns have their own tales to tell. Lake County and the surrounding areas have many. Some are easily accessible, others are a bit more difficult. The library has many books on ghost towns. The list below is a small sampling of what is available within our building.

When searching the catalog for more books, use either "ghost town" or "extinct town". Make sure you click the "Lake County" tab to search our collection, or if you prefer get we can get you a book through interlibrary loan.