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Tales, Legends, & Lore

The interesting thing about humans are the stories we tell ourselves about the past, whether factual or not.

LCPL Parlor

Come into my parlor for there are stories to be read. 


Humans love to tell stories about the past.  Sometimes they are based on actual events and some may have been embroidered to make them more enjoyable.  We have a number of such books for your reading pleasure in Lake County's collection:  tales, legends, lore, personal anecdotes, ghost towns.  So many! The books are placed in categories in the left column for ease of access.

Remember, anything marked CMHC (Colorado Mountain History Collection) is not available to check out but is available for viewing within our building.  The library also has access to many other tales through other libraries.  Search our catalog and if you still do not find your desired tale, we can also do interlibrary loans.


Leadville & Lake County

This list covers local tales, legends and lore for Leadville and Lake County.