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Cemetery Listings & Maps

Our collection holds maps and listings for the Evergreen Cemetery (1879-1981) and St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery (1888-1981). View the physical copies at the library, or download digital copies below. Each PDF includes the corresponding cemetery maps along with the listings for that cemetery.

Lake County Cemeteries

Old Leadville Cemetery

The first Leadville Cemetery and the present Lake County High School football field occupy the same general location at the western end of Chestnut Street. The Cemetery's perimeters extend past the point where the Rio Grande railroad crews laid track over a number of graves, when the line came into Leadville in 1880. That same year, residents of the neighborhood complained loudly about the aroma which emanated from the sunken graves.


"In short, there was nothing about the Leadville Cemetery to make a well man want to die.”


For more information on the original Leadville Cemetery:

Evergreen Cemetery

Evergreen Cemetery

The land for the Evergreen Cemetery was purchased by the Evergreen Cemetery Association in 1879. A news item in the local paper announced. "Those contemplating an early journey to the next world can purchase a stopping place in the Evergreen Cemetery today November 10th, 1879.”

St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery

St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery


St. Joseph’s Catholic Cemetery was opened for use in June of 1888, at which time many people were moved from the Catholic section of the Evergreen Cemetery to the new Catholic Cemetery. The Mount Holy Cross Cemetery, immediately adjacent to St. Joseph’s, began accepting interments in 1919. A few moves from St. Joseph’s to Holy Cross occurred over the following years.