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Colorado Historic Newspaper Collection

Colorado Historic Newspaper Collection

The Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection (CHNC), a service of the Colorado State Library, offers readers free online access 615+ newspapers published in Colorado primarily from 1859 to 1926. Some papers through 2021, with publisher permission. CHNC includes papers published in English, German, Italian, Japanese, Slavic, Spanish, Servian, and Swedish.

Historical Records Preserved Through Digitization

Ongoing support for maintaining and providing access to CHNC is paid for with funds administered by the Colorado State Library. Digitization costs are paid for by local libraries, museums, archives, and other organizations. CMHC continues to add new pages to the CHNC when community funding is located to pay the costs of digitization.

If you would like to help support Lake County Public Library's digitization projects please email or call 719-486-0569.